“What is for dinner, mom?” There are few questions that can quicken my pulse more than that very inquiry. I actually do not hear it as a question; I hear it as an accusation. As a mother of three very active, picky children, it is often just that… almost a dare. I dare you to say the favorite meal of my sibling. I dare you to repeat a meal from last week. I triple-doggey-dare you to say you don’t know. I am no chef. I can follow a recipe, but that is about all. I am always asking my friends for meal suggestions, and most of the time eliminating them in my mind. I often can’t use them because of the ingredients or spices that I know one of my adorably-opinionated children will refuse. Let me not even comment on my meat and potatoes eating Midwest husband. I Google recipes, beg for them, and worry over them weekly. This is why, after about the seventy-fifth perfectly targeted ads promoting a home meal delivery service popped up on my computer, I realized this was something I needed to investigate. But I had my reservations. How budget friendly is it? How child friendly is it? How culinary challenged friendly is it? How busy schedule friendly is it? These are the questions I needed answered. Welcome to the Posh Seven Magazine’s test kitchen….