Our Member Companies

Chefscape™ is a shared commercial kitchen and event company that is based in Loudoun County, just 35 miles outside of DC. We provide food entrepreneurs with the space to carve out their own business landscape and the services and support for those businesses to blossom and grow.  Chefscape™ offers its members flexible memberships, hourly rental options, Food Truck Depot packages, and a wide selection of business support services designed to help them start and grow their food business and navigate the certification and regulatory landscape. And, as an event company, Chefscape™ offers unique add-on services to its member chefs to further market their services to the community in and around DC Metro, including curating one-of-a-kind PopUp Dinners with their partner wineries and breweries, its catering allocation services and cooking classes for adults and children, in partnership with our talented member chefs!


Our caterers, personal chefs and meal prep members specialize in diverse and international roster of cuisines and cooking styles, ranging from Southern Comfort, to Indian, French, Italian, Contemporary American, vegetarian, paleo and Gluten Free.  With state of the art commercial equipment, a vast range of business and marketing services, Imagine the Possibilities ™ in expanding your operation at Chefscape™.


Our bakers have a vast range of specialties including traditional French pastries, Sweet and Savory Pies, Cupcakes, sweet breads, pies and cookies. Does your baking operation need a commercial kitchen with state of the art Rational Combo ovens?  Ready to join our kitchen?

Food Trucks

Food Truck operators are required by the Health Department to be affiliated with a shared commercial kitchen (also known as a depot), as well as to park their truck, store their food and dry supplies there, wash their dishes and utensils and dispose of gray water at the kitchen.  Chefscape™ has a Depot Package specifically tailored to the Food Truck operation and can also provide the necessary parking for your food truck.  The founders of Chefscape™ are also food truck owners and operators and know the kind of support that is crucial for the success of a food truck operation!

Food Producers

Whether you make gourmet chocolate truffles, pickled veggies, jams, cookies, pies or any other product that you seek to sell at farmers markets or into distribution with local or national retailers, come see how Chefscape™ can help you grow your operation, by providing the commercial kitchen with state of the art equipment, assisting you through the Department of Agriculture permitting process and helping you get your products into distribution!