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Preferred Vendors List

At ChefScape we believe in supporting great local businesses!  The following is a list of resources developed by our internal staff as a service to our local community.  Each vendor has demonstrated excellence in the Food and Event industry and all have done some pretty cool things in our ChefScape Event Center!  ChefScape is not compensated by any vendor for their listing and guest are welcome to bring in their own vendors.  We just really like what we we've see these guys can do!

ChefScape Member Caterers

Rochelle Myers Catering & Classes


"Individual Personal Attention, Local Sustainable Ingredients, Fresh & Handcrafted from Scratch."

John Feist

Culinary Delights by Feist


"We offer a wide variety of menu options and will be glad to work with you to create an event perfectly tailored to meet your needs, tastes and budget."

Fajih's Catering


"Our menus and services range from basic to the most unique and we will happily customize your event to meet your taste & needs." 

Kevin's Catering

Kevins catering.jpeg

"We are devoted to providing extra ordinary service, exceptional cuisine, thoughtful planning and seamless execution."

Catering by Johnny Ray

Johnny ray.jpg

"Armed with ambition, old family recipes and culinary passion, I believe in devoting serious effort to serve real comfort food that soothes the soul".

Sweet Home Thai Catering & Classes


"My love of travel, discovering new foods, spices & cultures, has inspired me to share this knowledge with my family and friends over the years and now I bring this exciting cuisine to my clients and their family and friends."


Jessica Ashley Event Planning

Jessica Ashley Event Coord.jpg

B. Mingled Weddings & Events



Tables, Chairs, Linens, etc.

Capital Rentals.jpg

Tables, Chairs, Linens, etc.

Capital Rentals.jpg

Tables, Chairs, Linens, etc.

Capital Rentals.jpg

Tables, Chairs, Linens, etc.

Capital Rentals.jpg

Antique & Vintage Decor


Vintage Lighting


Music, Lighting & Production

Music, Lighting & Production

Zandi Entertainment


Ted Garber Music & Production

Ted Garber.jpg

Floral & Decor

J. Morris Flowers


Luxy Balloons


Photography & Videography

Andrew Sample Photography

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.02.12 PM.png

Carling Zhou Photography

Baby Shower 3.jpg

Wolfcrest Photography



Ians creations.jpg

Photography and Videography

Sarah Trussell.jpg
ChefScape Preferred Caterers
Music, Lighting & Production
Floral & Decor
Photography & Videography
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